note: any anti-lobster posts will be deleted and made fun of. Lobster is a damn delicious and perfect prize for this raffle. Remember when Quimby needed surgery to fix his elbow? I sure do. It was exp... Read More


This is Capone. He’s pretty sweet, and he reminds me of Quimby. They should do some corrupt business together, but they are both too kind. He was hanging out in Fetch, a very cool dog store in M... Read More

Amazing Gracey

This is Gracey. Gracey under fire. Amazing Gracey.  Saving Gracey. Saving Private Ryan. What? Anyway,  she was a very nice and friendly dog who likes meeting new people. Details on the Pog and dog c... Read More

Shred the Gnar!

I wanna tell you about something Gnarly. He somehow managed to photo bomb the photo he was supposed to be in. At any rate, he totally shreds the gnar, rips groomers, represents 4 lyfe, etc. His owner ... Read More