Lula Gets Creeped Out

This is Lula. She is owned by the world’s greatest wedding photographer in Maine, Dave. She also for some reason unknown to me, hates my guts. She is friendly to other people, but wants no part of what I’m offering. She didn’t want a photo, she didn’t want to look at me, she didn’t like my face. I don’t honestly know why. Maybe she was treated poorly by a portly hairy man. There’s just no way to tell. Anyway, Dave sold me his old computer, which was awesome. While I was there he somehow managed to snap this photo before Lula could run off. Anyway, this is probably my favorite photo ever. I really love the way it came out. Notice how it has more depth and better colors than my other photos? That’s because Dave took it, and he knows what he’s doing.
Lula - Maine Wedding Photography


This is Capone. He’s pretty sweet, and he reminds me of Quimby. They should do some corrupt business together, but they are both too kind. He was hanging out in Fetch, a very cool dog store in Maine.


Ms. Clara

This is Clara. She is an adopted (awesome) dog who came up from the land of Quimby- Tennessee. She is really cool, considering life probably hasn’t been easy for her until now.  She will be an awesome companion!

Pog and Dog, Clara, portland maine

Coffee Shop Dog

I was at this really cool coffee shop called the Purple Cow, right here in Portland, Maine. I looked behind me and low and behold, there was a dog there! I forgot to ask the dog’s name. I’m going to say that this boy is named “Fluffy.” If you own him or her, please let me know so I can tell the world how nice your dog is!