Backyard Dog

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UPDATE- I’m no longer taking donations for the sale of this song. Please donate to your local shelter.

March 29th, 2012 – Quimby’s foot is nearly perfect, although it’s still wrapped up! Hopefully it won’t have to be next week!

On February 1st, my awesome dog was running all over the back yard like he always does. Then, there was blood, and lots of it. I happened to be filming him at the time, and I have gone over the footage dozens of times to see if I could find what happened, to no avail. The largest pad on his right paw was nearly sliced off. Whatever cut it, hit it at an angle. It was pretty scary, but fortunately the vet is only about a half mile away, and they were still open. A few days later I recorded Backyard Dog.

It’s been three weeks since the accident happened on February 1st, 2012. Since then, he has been to the vet 6 times and undergone two surgeries. Basically sutures did not work, and now sugar is the answer- old school style. Yes, it’s a pretty big pain to do this every morning, but he’s my dog, and there’s not much I wouldn’t do for him.

my morning routine
Click for larger image.(Graphic)

In order to help pay for these expenses, I wrote a song called Backyard Dog.You can download it for free, and if you like it, you can pay what you want for it! I really hope everyone can appreciate the humor behind the song. I’m not really an 80’s rocker, although sometimes I wish I were.

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