Molly the Foster Dog

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EDIT: Well, it’s been more than a year and Molly is now Sierra. She’s a good girl. Big snuggler. A good fit with Quimby, but then again, who wouldn’t be!

So I decided to take in a foster dog. She is Molly, and her story is a sad one that I don’t feel like getting into here. She is a very sweet girl who has a ton of energy. She knows a few commands and is eager to learn. She is roughly 2 years old. Quimby and her get along, which is no surprise, since he gets along with everyone. She kind of sort of looks like him even. She’s a bit smaller, probably weighing in at 50-55 lbs to Quimby’s 80-85 lbs. They play well together. She’s taught him some weird dance moves, as you can see in the photos below. The third photo may look like he’s about to kill her, but it’s just how they play. Anyway, she might be a good companion for a mountain biker or hiker due to her high energy. I guess I’ll have to try it out and see how it goes!

Molly the foster dog and Quimby -

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