Help Bring Hanah Home!

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Kari and Carl Wilkes are missing their 5-year-old American Bulldog, Hanah. The dog was sucked out from Kari’s arms as their home came crashing down around them during the tornado that struck in Joplin.

“The storm started rolling in and me, Hannah, and our other dog hid in a hall closet,” said Kari. “The noise was terrible. The house started shaking and disintegrating. The roof went flying off. When the roof went off, it sucked the closet door open. I had my arm around Hanah because she was very scared, and it sucked her right out.”

Why am I posting this here? Well, there’s a chance she could have been adopted and brought to Maine or NH as many dogs from the tornado ended up this way. If you see her, contact the owners at or or you can call at 812 327 5876 and spread it around. If she’s up here, lets do all we can to get her reunited with her family!

I hope she makes it home safely.
Like their page on face book and spread the word around! Bring Hanah Home Lost Dog

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