Reddit is Down!

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With Reddit being down for emergency maintenance, there’s a huge shortage of things to do online, right? I mean, you’re not just going to browse imgur and hope you get good photos that are in your interest.

What to do while Reddit is down?

First and foremost, you can look at these awesome dogs on this site. I love dogs. I stopped doing this as much as I used to, but yeah, it’s a great amount of fun.

As always stay away from digg-
Stumbleupon is a decent option
maybe check out Hunch?

You can also listen to these pretty sweet Jingle Examples. I made them. You may like them, you may not. Either way there you are.

Leave a comment for the best places to go!

FYI, I don’t make any money with this site, just trying to help the community.

Reddit is down, better call Christmas Knight

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