Family Reunion

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Dog in mid air,
This is Samson (the 3rd one we’ve seen, but hey it’s an awesome name). Samson is Quimby’s brother!!! It had been nearly a year since they had seen each other, but after a few minutes they seemed to remember. I took a bazillion photos of them playing, they are so similar and so different at the same time. It was a truly awesome experience, his owners are really nice and have a great home for him. He has a huge lawn to play in, and gets to get outside a lot! Much more to come this week, but here’s a general vibe of what happaned:We are related and having fun on the lawn!

You can tell that Quimby was bigger. He probably had close to 20lbs on his brother, but interestingly enough Samson dislpayed more dominant behavior. Apparently Samson’s comfort zone is at home, wheras Quimby seems to find comfort everywhere, with everyone. I will post more similarities / differences tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. It’s WONDERFUL to see both of these sweet guys up-close again! I KNOW they enjoyed the reunion and we [Decatur County (TN) Humane Association] VERY MUCH appreciates ALL of our adopters! THANKS! /db

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