I Wanna Talk ta Samson!

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This is Samson. I lived with him once. He’s a husky/rottweiler mix, and is very, very cool. he actually reminds me a lot of Quimby.

Quimby Update:
Quimby has been recovering nicely. His elbow was swollen for a long time. He saw the vet a couple times who assured him it was normal, and finally, it seems that the swelling is under control and starting to go down. The vet said he can not hurt the elbow by playing/running on it, it will just slow the recovery. That being said he seems to know this, and usually has a nightly freak out right before bed, where he runs laps either around the bedroom or living room. I’m sure the cats are thrilled he can now go up and down stairs as he pleases.

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One thought on “I Wanna Talk ta Samson!

  1. Delilah she climbed up on Samson’s knee,
    Said tell me where your strength lies if you please,
    And she spoke so kind, and talked so fair,
    Samson said, “Delilah, cut off my hair.”

    “You can shave my head clean as my hand,
    my strength will become as natural as any old man.”

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