Doggy DNA Test? NO WAY!

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I had high hopes when I gifted a dog DNA test to someone who I knew would use it on Quimby. It had been, when we adopted Quimby, we were told that the only thing they really knew was that he was part lab. This theory was confirmed by several vets and animal care providers. I had read poor reviews about Dog DNA testing online but decided it would be worth it to see what our Quimby was made up of. The entire experience a complete and total waste of time and money and I would not recommend it to anyone, ever.

Looking at, everything seems in order. It sounds like a legit organization. Just listen to this statement from their website:
The Canine Heritage┬« Breed Test, developed by the pioneer in canine breed identification and a recognized leader in DNA technology, can help unravel the mystery of your mixed-breed pup. How often have you been asked: What kind of dog is that? This DNA-based diagnostic test can give you the answer by comparing your dog’s DNA to over 100 of the most popular breeds.
Wow 100 breeds. I had my theories on what he was, and was sure that out of the 100 they test, he would have at least 3 or 4.

I ordered the test, which involved swabbing Quimby’s cheek and sending in the sample. Easy enough. The estimated date for an answer was 4-6 weeks. 6 weeks go by and they send an email, stating that we need to contact them. They ended up calling and explaining that the only match they found was a 3rd generation Rottweiler. The woman who called then went on to say that she went on to and judging by the looks of him had some ideas.


I paid out money for this? I don’t want your best guess or opinion, I get that from everyone who meets Quimby (for free). That would be like getting a paternity test and having the scientist tell you that while the results were inconclusive, judging by some internet photos, it looks like you are definitely not from New Zealand. What kind of business does that? Apparently Canine Heritage. Of course there are no refunds for these results either.

My advice: Stay far, far away from any company offering this service. It’s a complete waste of money. Take the hundred bucks it costs to get the test done,(spent the money on it BEFORE we knew about his surgery, FYI) and donate it to a shelter. Then take a walk to the dog park for some “expert” advice.

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3 thoughts on “Doggy DNA Test? NO WAY!

  1. It’s amazing to me that this company exists…is it legal for them to say they provide a service, but in the fine print say they reserve the right to not give you said service even after you’ve paid for it?

  2. Wait, you gave someone a dog DNA test as a gift, knowing that they would use it on your dog? That’s not much of a gift.

  3. LOL Dave, I never read it like that before. It wasn’t really a gift- just more my sense of humor.

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