I’m Back, Baby

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Phew! After a LONG break without any posts, I’m finally back into the swing of things! There were a couple of reasons for the prolonged absence. Quimby had his surgery, which means no more trips to the dog park. I forgot just how hard it was to meet dogs when you don’t have one of your own.

His recovery has been steady, about what the vet expected. It feels like it’s been many months, but in reality, it’s only been one. He desperately wants to play, and often tries to get the cats to play with him. They do not really appreciate this, but they kind of watch and judge him as he playfully throws bones and chew toys their way. He loves the snow, and wants to spend more time in the nearly 3 feet of it in the backyard. More on that in the next couple weeks.

The other reason for the break (no pun intended) was that my camera broke. Too many dogs for the thing to handle. Thankfully it was replaced for free so the fun can continue.

My return dog is Zip! He is a pug who likes to spend his days behind the counter at Fetch. If you haven’t been to Fetch and you have a dog or a cat, you really need to check it out. It’s right on Commercial Street here in Portland, Maine and they really have a huge selection of awesome dog and cat treats, leashes, collars, food and other awesome accessories. I’m pretty sure you can get your pet washed there if they get sprayed by a skunk, or if you don’t feel like washing them. Anyway, here’s Zip!

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