Recovery Day 2 & 3

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Things I learned this weekend:

-Carrying a 55 lb dog is not like carrying a 55 lb weight. Weights don’t generally move around and try to run off when you try to pick them up.

-Whatever pain killer Quimby is taking must be really good, cause half a dose knocks him out for hours. He will most likely need more of this, and that is unfortunate, considering a dose costs around $10.

-Quimby wants to play- and will jump onto the couch and play with the cats if you turn your back on him for 3 seconds.

-I need to go for a run before I explode. I can’t imagine how Quimby must be feeling. He probably wants to run more than I do. It saddens me that I can’t take him with me, but I gotta get back on the pavement.

-I am more tired than I should be considering I stayed in all weekend.

Still accepting donations for Quimby! The big day is going to be tomorrow!

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