Quimby Raffle Final Count

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So, I wanted to post a final donation amount on the Quimby’s raffle! All in all I would say it was a complete success. I managed to solicit around $650 in donations/raffle ticket sales. The winner of the Patriots tickets could not make it to the game, so I was instructed to sell the tickets. I managed to sell them for $150 the day before the game (just under face). This brings the total amount raised to a shocking $800! While this did not cover the cost of his entire surgery, it covered about 75% of it! The rest we were able to afford ourselves.

Of course, I can not thank you all enough. Quimby doesn’t really understand why he can’t be outside playing, but in a month he will be back and hopefully better than ever!

Pog and Dog photos are going to officially start back up in the new year. Until then, I’m going to go a little photoshop crazy.

Not a Pog
Not a Pog,

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