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What a weekend! First, I went to see the Pixies in Boston on Friday, and then went to see Phish right here in Portland on Sunday! The show was completely off the hook, and I will have photos and a couple of videos up here first thing tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was a little too drunk and unable to get any photos of Phish or Pixies dogs. They may have been some, but I couldn’t find them.

Sunday we took Quimby to the dog park so he could get some rest before we hit the show, cause obviously he wasn’t coming with us. It was wet as anything, and of course he got soaked and muddy and had a blast. I kneeled down to get a couple of shots, and got covered in mud, stepped in dog poop no less than 3 times, and was covered in a slobbery mix by the time we left. All in all a great visit to the park! I also ran into Petey, who is doing great, and played really well with Quimby!

The dog here was a really sweet puppy whose name I did not get as there were too many people at the park. He was real cute, and if you know his name, let me know!

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