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Yes, this dogs name is Portland, Maine. That’s her full name. For real. I’m pretty sure that rules. Anyway, I was at work, and this doggy came in. She’s three years old and pretty hyper. She was wearing a purple cast. Probably injured while walking on the cobblestones, or fishing for lobster.

I know I’ve been slacking. Now that I’m 30 it’s getting harder to get out there to try to find the best dogs in Maine. Is there still a need for this type of public service, or am I on the wrong path? Oh someone enlighten me! Dogs of the world, send me a message (or leave a comment)!

Pog and Dog Portland

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4 thoughts on “Portland

  1. I’d like to see more pictures from the dogparks in Portland and surrounding towns perhaps other than Quarry run. I’d also be very interested in hearing a review of each of them. Thanks for this great blog!

  2. Thanks for the advice Rosemary! I actually just got a guide to all the dog parks in the area and I’m hoping to see at least one new one this weekend. The Rock Quarry is close to home, so that’s why there’s so many photos from it. The exploring shall begin!

  3. I agree with Rosemary. I know it is tough once you hit middle age, but there are so many other dogs out there walking around who have not been photographed by Pog, dog park reviews, dog interviews, dog on dog action shots with commentary….I could go on, but I won’t.

  4. when you’re 30, you really have to work hard to prevent becoming boring. And from getting a flat butt. So get out there and snap photos of dogs!!! 😛

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