I need a CFC Inhaler. Can you Help?

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I don’t usually get too personal on this blog. In fact, when I first started, I told myself I would not bring politics, religion or world affairs to the blog, as it would create too much controversy. Well, I need some help, so unfortunately I’m going to have to bring up an issue. There’s only one side to it, my side. I am right. Let me preface this by saying this: the following has nothing to do what so ever with the health care debate that is going on in this country.

For as long as I can remember, I have had asthma. My entire life, I have been able to control it through the use of an inhaler (albuterol, ventolin). A few years back, the FDA in line with pharmaceutical companies decided to ban the propellant in the inhalers, which is CFC based. The reasoning given was that cfc’s are bad for the enviroment, therefore inhalers are harming the planet. Of course that is not the truth. The amount of CFC’s used by inhalers each year is about the same as one space shuttle launch. You don’t see anyone banning that now do you? Of course the new inhalers would cost way more money as there are no generics available.

If this were simply a matter of paying more I wouldn’t be blogging about it.

The problem is that the propellant used does not work nearly as well as the old inhalers. It’s a laughable comparison at best. I was an avid runner, and outdoorsman. I can no longer do these things. Running is a struggle. The doctors don’t seem to really care about this. I’ve gotten lung tests, which prove I’m not getting enough oxygen. They just keep putting me on different stuff. The new inhalers actually fill my lung with the alcohol based propellant, making me cough more and more. Of course this constricts my airways even worse. My stupid fucking doctors only solution is to keep trying other things. He claims it’s the same medicine. That may be true, but the propellant A. does not push it down far enough into my lungs, and B. makes my athsma worse. It has already cost me hundreds.

Find a CFC inhaler

UPDATE: They sell them in MEXICO, but I can’t endorse a website.

What I’m looking for is anyone who may have gotten an inhaler LAST YEAR (2008 or before) that is not using it, or a website that sells CFC inhalers. It can not be a HFA inhaler. They totally suck. If you can help me out, please email me at unclepoggy@yahoo.com

Thank you.

As a side note, I would also like to add, the website savecfcinhalers.org is insanely unorganized. Don’t expect any help from them. Get your ass to Mexico… for a taco!

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8 thoughts on “I need a CFC Inhaler. Can you Help?

  1. I have, the FDA passed the law in accordance with the Montreal Protocol, which actually most modern countries signed up for. I’m looking at a couple different options right now and will keep you posted!

  2. Hi
    How is it going with your search for CFC albuterol inhalers? I am currently searching online too for the same. Either Proventil or Ventolin CFC alburterol, preferrably Proventil. I just today discovered this travesty. Evil schemers. Illicit gains. God is the Avenger. God will hold us all accountable for what we do. There will be a final judgment.
    Peace be with you.
    Take care; Edward

  3. While I can’t say I agree with you about the final judgment god talk, I am having a hard time finding a decent inhaler. I am looking into Pibuterol, which apparently is still CFC powered. I also received a very generous donation of some HFA inhalers that were not in use, which helps greatly, as the costs of these inhalers are pretty high.

  4. If you find a source for cfc albuterol I would love to know! I have been looking and looking. I ordered from Baja Pharmacy They did not deliver. Will not answer phone calls or email. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  5. Boy, if you need An inhaler, Just order Another at the PHARMACY.

  6. This is totally ridiculous. My asthma was controlled perfectly with the old cfc inhalers, and since they’ve changed it i just about have to use an entire inhaler just to help a little. Granted the ones who banned the cfc inhalers dont give a crap because hey after all their not the ones struggling for air. If ANYONE can find a site that sells the old cfc inhalers please e-mail me at estremera.c@hotmail.com. My mother, my brother, my sister and my self are all having problems with this, and none of us can breath. Good luck to all of you, btw i think i might start a petition, at least it may get some attention.

  7. An alternative is to get a nebulizer machine and get your doctor to give you albuterol … they come in saline that already has medicine.. OR if you like control … get the prescription for just he medicine and you get a little container that you put in the amount .. the inhaler portion with saline (you can buy online the vials that have just saline in them.. no prescription because its basically just water)

    Hope that helps… tragic that they put Ethanol as the propellant in the HFA inhalers.. its a known broncho-constrictor! Clearly they weren’t trying to help asthmatics.

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