Petey Puppy

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I haven’t seen a puppy like this since we got Quimby. It was interesting to watch them play, as for the first time, Quimby was the larger dog. He basically was unrelenting in his assault, I had to pull him off a couple times. The energy was strange at the park yesterday. There were several really intense fights. Thankfully, neither Quimby or Petey were involved, however Quimby had to show some serious aggression when two large dogs were trying to attack him. I can see why it was overwhelming for him. Granted there were many dogs up there, but they usually are cool. I would imagine that it has to do with the fact that it was nice out, and it was a Tuesday. Or something like that. Anyway, here’s Petey, a close to 4 month old puppy who is pretty awesome. He is also faster than Quimby, which is pretty funny.

Pog and dog Petey 2Pog and dog Petey

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2 thoughts on “Petey Puppy

  1. I’ve met this puppy up close and personal. He is so cute it’s almost painfull, I think he could be a national sensation given the chance. He is also very lucky to have the parents he has been given. Take care all and ty.

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