Fly, Boy

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Quimby has passed the rocks or so it would seem. He’s been eating them when he gets bored, or so we think. My guess is that if we stuff him with enough treats when he’s just doing his thing, he will be fine. Last night at dog school, we were doing a ping pong exercise where two people call the dog from 15 feet away and and reward with treats when the dog listens. Since Quimby had not been to the dog park, he had lots of energy, and immediately took off trying to get to every dog and spread the word of his rebellion. He is really, really fast when he wants to be. I’m going to try to get some footage of this next time we head over to the dog park.

As far as other Quimby updates, he is getting really good with some commands. He has sit and down as separate things, and is doing much better with his come command. His lip issue was nothing to worry about, as the vet said it was totally normal. All in all, he is SUCH a good boy.

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