Damien, Good Boy!

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This is Damien, he is also known as Mr. Puffalampagus. He is one of the most fun dogs I have ever known. I’ve known him for about 5 years or so, and he is so fun. He is built like a rock, and used to play catch with me in the backyard of my college apartment until we were both exhausted. He recently tore his ACL, and it makes me sad that he is in pain, so I need you all to keep him in your thoughts the next couple of weeks! He will be a top contender for the October dogs of the month, I’m sure!


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2 thoughts on “Damien, Good Boy!


    good to see grampa d-man on here. I’ll be sending tons of love and salty leg dreams to him.

  2. Buddy! Thanks for posting him on here. He goes into surgery at 8am tomorrow and will be getting a prosthetic knee. The good news though is he is still smiling daily and trying to run around (with a new funny little hop) as much as he can. Keep him in your thoughts for a speedy recovery!!!

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