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This has nothing to do with dog of the month! I need you help. Vote your butt off!
Vote for my Dog Sponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.
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4 thoughts on “VOTE QUIMBY!!!

  1. You can vote once a day, so bookmark it and go back often!

    Vote for Quimby, he’d vote for you!!!!!

  2. damn, that is one sweet picture!
    i’ve decided. if you win the million dollars, Simone and Annie and I get to stay home and not work. yep. that’s the price you pay for using my pic! 😉

  3. Signed up to vote using 2 different email addresses, but neither one has been sent a confirmation email yet so I still can’t vote! 🙁

    PS – Quimby has 0 votes so far this week…what’s up with that?!

  4. I’ll admit, we kind of fell off the wagon with this one. I guess we should be trying harder for a million dollars. Shan, you have been the support we needed to make this happen! I’m getting back on the train!

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