Exciting Times

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Two big announcements for you today:

It’s a very exciting time here at Pog and Dog! I am announcing the launch of the DOG OF THE MONTH! I get so many great photos, that I simply have to allow everyone to vote on which one is the best! Prizes will be given to the winning dog! September voting will take place at the end of the month!

I also received the first official logo submission! It comes from a very mysterious man known only as Mysterio! What do you think? Vote! Let me know! Polls will close Thursday evening. Results will be posted Friday morning!

What kind of Pog and Dog merchandise would you like to see? So far I am working on stickers, but I am still in need of more logos!


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3 thoughts on “Exciting Times

  1. Great logo, however, it should definitely say “.org” so those that dont know about this wonderful site will come and check it out! I would like a bumper sticker please!

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