Daddy’s Doggy (Gun Dogs)

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Ew, the title of this post is grossing me out, so I know it’s a good one. On Sunday, after taking Quimby to the Rock Quarry (more photos of that still to come), my Dad, who was insanely jealous of the awesomeness of having a dog, stopped in for a visit. It being Sunday, I was already watching football, but I made time to get a photo of his dog. He got it from some farm, with people who had never trained it. I don’t remember what kind it is- brittney spearnal or something. His name was Rookie, but my dad changed it to Rocco.

I had to drop something off at his house yesterday and there was a book on the table: Gun Dogs. Just click the link to the book. Don’t want to? Fine…

Anyway, here’s Rocco, my dads new gun dog:
Pog and Dog Rocco

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