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I’m going to Chicago for a couple days, and I will have tons of photos of all kinds of dogs when I return! In the meantime I will try to get a couple more in Portland to tide you over tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Vaycation!

  1. Yo,

    Whatcha doin’ in Chi-town?
    Let me know about possible dates that work for you for a “Quarterly”!!!
    Wed-Thurs work best for us!!!

  2. I’m the dude you met at Piece and again at the Maproom. I felt a total ass as you bought me a beer and I 100% failed to thank you, introduce you around, socialize. I hope that I can make it up to you sometime. I’m at Piece again on Monday or if you come into town again, I’d be happy to take you to some very out of the way watering holes for a real Chicago experience. Best of luck to you two!


  3. Matt! We ended up at Gooseneck by Wrigley, and found a place with $2 Hoegardens all night. The Cubs lost. Next time we come to Chicago, and I assure you we will be back, I will let you know. Thanks for checking out the site!

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