Roscoe: Photo Hating Beagle

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You know, most dogs I come across don’t have any awareness that they are in fact getting their picture taken. They usually just want to either play or they are slightly confused as to why a strange, possibly drunk man is all friendly. Roscoe is a different kind of dog. He belongs to a co-worker, and I have been trying to get his photo for weeks. He simply will not sit still for this. He has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to it. Somehow he knows… and he won’t sit still. Just take a look at his all knowing face in these photos. He must have been a celebrity in a past life, I’m thinking Marilyn Monroe.

Pog and dog, Roscoe, Portland, Maine

Pog and dog, Roscoe

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3 thoughts on “Roscoe: Photo Hating Beagle

  1. Leave it up to an Austrian to create a website this messed up. I bet you wish you were German!

  2. Your mouth is open in 7 of the 9 pictures. Are you trying to pant like a dog? I know it’s hot, but I dont think it will work..

  3. My dog hates cameras. Every time I try to take his picture, he buries his head in his paws or he turns and walks away. It’s odd because he’s really photogenic.

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